Staff Planning Template

It’s that time of the year again – budgeting! I’ve found this template helpful as I look to assign staff to various projects, and ensure that I have the resources needed to do so. While 2,080 hours is the typical number used by Accounting for a Full Time Equivalent (FTE) staff member, I’ve found that 80% of that, or, 1,664 hours is much more realistic, when you factor in time off (PPL), meetings and non-project administrative activities. You can feel free to modify as you see fit. Please note, the smiley face is a quick reference to tell you how you’re doing in your plan for each staff member. The face turns to a frown above 1,664 hours. I’ve also grouped the activities as follows:
Baseline: Those day-to-day activities that are at the core of your business. For the training department I direct, this includes activities such as delivering New Employee Orientation, and developing and delivering mandatory compliance education, and other trainng classes needed by new staff members.
Client-Driven Activites: These are separated into two groups: client and operating plan. “Client” are for training programs requested by a specific department. An example of a client request is building a training program for a department-specific application. “Operating Plan” are for training requests tied to a specific [enterprise-wide] Operating Plan initiative. An example of an Operating Plan initiative we are supporting is the reduction of Bloodstream Infections.
HR Operating Plan: These are activities aimed at improving the service(s) my department – HR, and funtion – Learning Services, provide the organization. An example of this is upgrading our Learning Management System (LMS).

Tip for Mandatory Education Compliance – Please Select Your Training Preference

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Leadership Development: Action Learning / Stretch Assignment Inventory Worksheet

I’m currently part of a team developing our hospital’s leadership development program. While traditional classroom instruction, eLearning, mentoring and cohorts are included, with budgets tightening, and workload increasing, we are now, more than ever, committed to ensuring learning and development are taking place within the work itself (action learning and stretch assignments). To aid in this work, I’ve created a … Read more

Statement of Work / Scope Template (Training)

Statement of Work / Scope Template: This Statement of Work / Scope Template has been particularly helpful – as it describes the project, resources needed, scope etc. in advance of starting the work. Sounds crazy, I know, but I’ve found it’s much easier to take work in than it is to close work out – … Read more